Extended Builds

Build Hugo with Sass and Go CDK Deploy support.

After Dark ships with the ability to build Hugo from tagged-version source. Supply a version tag and let Docker Machine build you a high-performance extended Hugo build with integrated Sass and Go CDK deployment support.

To use install Docker then run the following command:

cd after-dark/docker/hugo && docker build .

Build container uses Alpine and includes musl-dev for high-performance. Update the HUGO_VERSION to get a specific Hugo release built. Upon successful build extract the resulting hugo binary out of the scratch container like:

docker create -it --name temp f2b785583ce8 sh && \
sudo docker cp temp:/usr/local/bin/hugo /usr/local/bin && \
docker rm -fv temp

Where f2b785583ce8 is the scratch container’s Image ID and /usr/local/bin is the destination on the host. Place executable in most appropriate directory.

For builds without Sass support enabled turn off CGO_ENABLED, pass in a phony value to BUILD_TAGS, create another build and give it a docker tag:

docker tag $(docker images -q | head -n 1) gohugoio/hugo:v0.61.0

It’s recommended at least 2GB of storage space is available when running builds. The resulting binary inside the scratch container is less than 50MB.