After Darkv9.2.3

Semantic Personal Publishing Platform

After Dark is open source software you can use to build a secure website, blog or app. One command is all you need to start a new website.

English and Bahasa
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Developer Focused

Develop and publish websites cross-platform using a single codebase with just one dependency and capabilities designed to make you more productive:
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Incredibly Fast

With 0.615s average builds and decisecond page loads you could conceivably develop and serve your content from an ODROID in space.

Privacy Aware

Develop your entire site without Internet connectivity and expose an ephemeral Web server with e2e encryption and real-time traffic inspection.

Securely Designed

Verify the authenticity of your installation using secure cryptographic hashes and use CSP, SRI and Referrer Policy to lock down your content.

Advanced Graphics

Add high-resolution, responsive images with low-quality image placeholders and engaging visual effects without even touching an image editor.

Easily Customized

Toggle between 1 of 8 customizable skin styles or disable them entirely and use custom layouts and styles to take complete design control.

Rewards System

(Now in Beta!)

Earn rewards for keeping your software up-to-date and monetize attention to generate a borderless, low-maintenance passive income.

Batteries Included

Self-host your entire stack using commodity hardware and keep your source code and visitor metrics entirely under your control.

Extended Builds

Create high-performance Hugo builds using Alpine Linux with Musl. Builds Hugo Extended binary with Sass support using Docker directly from source.