Fuzzy Search

Quickly locate indexed content anywhere on the site.

If a search engine can find it, so can you. Quickly locate indexable content site-wide with fuzzy search. No registration necessary.

Interactive Example

Adjust it from _index.md in the site content/search directory:

├── archetypes
├── content
│   └── search
│       └── _index.md
├── static
├── themes

If the file doesn’t exist, yet create it:

$ hugo new search/_index.md

And specify the JSON Output Format in site config:

  home = ["HTML", "RSS", "JSON"]
Note: This adds JSON while keeping the HTML and RSS defaults.

Once activated your site will begin outputting an index.json file during generation, giving fuzzy search the data it needs to help you locate pages.

Try it now by navigating to domain.example/search, or, if enabled, Search in the Section Menu, entering a query and navigating between results using Tab.