Post Bylines

Create human and machine readable bylines in posts.

After Dark creates rich post bylines automatically. Bylines include optional author name, word count, links to Taxonomy Pages and Structured Data.

Example Byline
Published [by `author`] [`publishdate` or `date`] in [navigation](/categories/navigation) and tagged [links](/tags/links) and [taxonomy](/tags/taxonomy) using [`wordcount`] words.

If author is specified in Site Configuration params or post Front Matter it will be included automatically in the byline attributing the author:

  author = "Billy Joe Jim Bob" # the guy behind the guy behind the guy

Adjust hide_author in Site Configuration to suppress attribution site-wide:

  author = "" # optional setting, not required in config
  hide_author = true # hides author name and related structured data

Combine with categories and Last Modified to produce unique Structured Data.