Toxic Swamp

Monero/Aeon Web Miner add-on module for After Dark.

Monetize attention in one of more than 40 cryptocurrency mining pools with support for the March 2019 Monero hard fork.



Choose a module download source:

Extract module contents into site themes directory:

├── static
└── themes
    ├── after-dark
    └── toxic-swamp

Verify Release Hash and GPG signature:

cd themes/toxic-swamp && \
npm install && npm run integrity && \
git tag --verify v1.0.0-beta.28

Specify module in site config:

 6# Controls default theme and theme components
 7theme = [
 8  "toxic-swamp", # sequence before "after-dark"
 9  "after-dark"

Configure with payout address to start earning rewards:

37  enabled = true # Optional, set false to disable module
38  address = "your-address-here"

Earning Rewards

Using The Fire Swamp with a configured payout address, you may view your hash metrics and payout information from the MoneroOcean Dashboard:

MoneroOcean Dashboard screenshots
Monero Ocean Dashboard showing Toxic Swamp mining activity.

See the MoneroOcean FAQ for more details.

The Fire Swamp

After Dark provides upgrade incentives The Fire Swamp using MoneroOcean to help you get started and as a fallback when custom proxies fail to connect.

The proxy servers are located at fs* and will be used by default until you Create Your Own Proxy or fall more than two major versions behind.

To maximize your rewards while using the Fire Swamp proxy you must try to keep your After Dark version up-to-date as illustrated here:

Figure 1: Fire Swamp upgrade incentive based on After Dark version
Latest Version Your Version Upgrade Incentive
7.0.0 7.0.0 None
7.0.2 7.0.1 2.2%
7.1.0 7.0.2 13.6%
8.0.0 7.1.0 34.1%

To describe in more detail:

Maximize your incentive with reduced effort by using the Upgrade Script to check for and automatically update After Dark to the latest available version.

Tip: After Dark uses Semantic Versioning and the latest version may be tracked programmatically using on the NPM registry and in JSON form here.
Note: After Dark updates are typically backwards compatible with existing modules though there may be cases where module updates are required.

Create Your Own Proxy

Advanced users may wish to configure their own proxy servers. To do so select Advanced Settings when generating configuration after standing-up your proxy server described in more detail here:

Expand to view details

Use the instructions in to stand up your own proxy server and reference the following to understand connection activity:

Figure 2: Miner connection activity by device, proxy and toolbar state
Device Toolbar Miner Proxy
Charging Online Cores Visible Powered Throttle Status Socket Workers Load Online Pool Allow
-- -- -- -- Off -- I -- -- -- -- -- --
Yes Yes 8 No On Any S C 8 0 -- -- --
Yes No 8 Yes On Any S E 8 0 -- -- --
No Yes 16 Yes On 25 I C 16 4 Yes K Yes
Yes Yes 16 Yes On 25 A O 16 12 Yes K Yes
Yes Yes 32 Yes On 50 A O 32 16 Yes K Yes
Yes Yes 32 Yes On 75 A O 32 24 Yes K Yes
Yes Yes 64 Yes On Any S E 64 0 Yes U No
Yes Yes 64 Yes On Any S E 64 0 No -- --

Generate configuration with Advanced Settings specified:

Interactive Config Generator
NOPE! Attempting to submit to unknown origin.
Please use Online Help to generate configuration while Working Offline.
Please Disconnect from the network before generating your configuration.
Enter payout address. Create Secure Wallet.
Advanced Settings

Optional. Create Your Own Proxy before using.

Web Socket URL for custom proxy server.
Select a supported pool to mine with.
Password for your pool. Often not needed.
Override default of 70 (30% capacity).
Combine hash metrics for all users.

Enable debugging to output detailed socket messages from the proxy to the browser console by adding the following to your site config:

  debugging = true


English translations available for toolbar display:

Enable them with module translations whitelist:

  translations = ["id", "ru", "el", "de", "pl", "it"] # English translations enabled

Use languageCode site config to control which is displayed:

languageCode = "en-US" # English (United States) or English by default
languageCode = "id-ID" # Indonesian (Indonesia) or Indonesian, if available
languageCode = "ru-RU" # Russian (Russia) or Russian, if available
languageCode = "el-GR" # Greek (Greece) or Greek, if available
languageCode = "de-DE" # German (Germany) or German, if available
languageCode = "pl-PL" # Polish (Poland) or Polish, if available
languageCode = "it-IT" # Italian (Italy) or Italian, if available
Note: Language tag syntax is defined by the IETF's BCP 47.

Modify translations from inline.jsonld.html in your site layouts directory. If the file doesn’t exist yet, copy it from module default:

mkdir -p layouts/partials/modules/toxic-swamp/ && \
cp themes/toxic-swamp/layouts/partials/modules/toxic-swamp/inline.jsonld.html $_

Remove config and customizations to return to module defaults.