Help Block

Combine with form controls to guide user input.
HTML attributes:
Custom attributes:

Plain or formatted text:

{{< hackcss-helpblock text="Plain text Help Block" />}}
{{< hackcss-helpblock >}}<i>Italicized HTML Help Block</i>{{< /hackcss-helpblock >}}
{{% hackcss-helpblock %}}**Bold Markdown Help Block**{{% /hackcss-helpblock %}}

Plain text Help Block
Italicized HTML Help Block

**Bold Markdown Help Block**

Used above and below Text Input with class attribute:

{{< hackcss-formgroup >}}
  {{< hackcss-helpblock >}}
    <strong>Enter a <em>secure</em> password below:</strong>
  {{< /hackcss-helpblock >}}
  {{< hackcss-textinput type="password" minlength="27" >}}
  {{< hackcss-helpblock class="muted" text="Min. 27 chars" />}}
{{< /hackcss-formgroup >}}
Enter a secure password below:
Min. 27 chars