Create links with external icon and custom behavior.
Basic usage: {{< external href="" text="After Dark" />}} {{< external href="" />}} After Dark Shorthand usage: {{< external "" "After Dark" />}} {{< external href="" />}} {{< external "wss://" />}} After Dark wss:// Note: URIs such as those using the wss scheme may be considered unsafe by the Go template package. Learn more in the package Security Model. With a trusted URL: {{< external trusted="true" href="wss://fs1.

Section Menu

Display a contextual site-wide navigation with links.
After Dark uses Hugo’s Section Menu for “Lazy” Bloggers to create a site-wide navigational aid. The section menu is disabled by default. Interactive Example Overview Features Modules Shortcodes Extras Search Enable it from menu.main layout config in your site configuration: [] hidden = true # set `false` or remove to show section menu With the menu enabled navigation links will begin appearing automatically on a per-section basis whenever Published Content is available within that section.

Table of Contents

Quickly locate information in longer posts.
Automatically generate a table of contents with smooth-scroll links based on the current page outline. To do so add the following to post Front Matter: toc = true Set false, or simply remove the setting, to disable. The table of contents will be collapsed under a disclosure on page load. Once the disclosure is expanded the full page outline will be revealed. Selecting an item in the outline will smooth-scroll to the corresponding section, update the browser history and highlight the section title.

Taxonomy Pages

Navigate the site using author-defined taxonomies.
After Dark generates categorical and tag taxonomy and taxonomy terms pages and links to them automatically in posts using Post Bylines. Given the following page Front Matter for a post type: categories = ["navigation"] tags = ["links", "taxonomy"] The following taxonomy links would appear in the byline: Published [by author] [publishdate or date] in navigation and tagged links and taxonomy using [wordcount] words. The following Index Blocked taxonomy pages generated: