Lumpen Radio

:: React Native / Obj-C / ES6 / StreamingKit / Traefik

Accessible, multilingual audio provider and remote control for StreamingKit. Built without fee for Public Media Institute (PMI) and maintained from 2015 to 2020.

Lumpen Radio was previously featured on the React Native Showcase in 2015—2016, basis for derivative React Native Audio Streaming and its forks.

Links to application source and App Store binary listed below. Note Lumpen Radio experienced some downtime as a result of an unexpected stream change. A GNU-licensed StreamingKit reverse proxy called Skipr was created to help PMI fix the stream using their own DNS servers per original design.

skipr logo

Skipr is 25 lines of code and IoT-ready. See packages/skipr for source. To use it as remote control for a VLC audio stream add skipr.domain.example to your /etc/hosts file and run Lumpen Radio in the iOS simulator with hot reloading in Development mode.