I originally started VHSblog in 2008 as an outlet to convey the knowledge I was accumulating behind closed doors in an office working on integrating Open Source software into a closed-source system. The blog consists primarily of written material covering various topics of personal interest. The intended audience of the site are software engineers, homelab gurus and tech enthusiasts.

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Content is separated into two domains as described below.


Content of the site.

Pages on vhs.codeberg.page are powered by Hugo using the After Dark theme. Most text is written and stored in a markdown-like format known as CommonMark with embedded shortcodes to facilitate reuse of common interface elements such as an alert. Pages served are static and JavaScript, while used to add interactivity to the site, is not required.

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Source code described on the site.

Pages on codeberg.org/vhs are powered by Gitea, an open source front-end built on top of Git and managed by the non-commercial organization Codeberg e.V. based out of Germany. Codeberg is a free service and relies on your generous donations.

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