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Open-source software I've built and shared with the community.


Turn your secrets into scannable QR codes.

:: Svelte / SvelteKit / TypeScript / Tailwind CSS / HTML5

OATHqr helps you create security credentials for use with 2FA/MFA authenticator and other OATH-enabled apps. Use it to generate scannable QR codes for OTP apps such as Aegis and YubiKey. Or skip the QR code and paste the formatted otpauth URI it creates directly into OpenPGP-activated password managers such as the remarkable Pass standard unix password manager.

Includes native build support:

Builds support Linux, Windows and macOS.

Gatsby Starter i18n React i18next

Build great-looking multilingual websites and apps with React using Gatsby.

:: Gatsby / React / TypeScript / Jest / Chakra UI / i18next

Toggled to Bahasa Indonesia

Build great-looking multilingual websites and apps with React using Gatsby.

Gatsby Starter Shopify Headless Commerce

Gatsby starter for headless Shopify commerce sites.

:: Shopify / Gatsby / Auth0 / React / GraphQL / TypeScript / Jest / Chakra UI / i18next

Storefront screenshot running on Vercel.

Build great-looking Shopify headless commerce sites with React and Gatsby.

Lumpen Radio

Stream Audio with the React Native iOS app for WLPN-LP 105.5 Chicago.

:: React Native / Obj-C / ES6 / StreamingKit / Traefik

Accessible, multilingual audio provider and remote control for StreamingKit. Built without fee for Public Media Institute (PMI) and maintained from 2015 to 2020.

Lumpen Radio was previously featured on the React Native Showcase in 2015—2016, basis for derivative React Native Audio Streaming and its forks.


Increase the speed of WordPress 300% or more with one plug-in.

:: Fetch Inject / PHP / WordPress / Kahlan / Patchwork / Composer / Packagist

hyperdrive logo

Hyperdrive is a WordPress plugin wrapping Fetch Inject library to increase site performance using modern Web standards. Based on initial testing Hyperdrive was shown to reduce perceived latency in WordPress by 200-300%.

Toxic Swamp

Monetize attention to earn a passive, borderless income on your website.

:: HTML / CSS / JavaScript / Mono / Docker / Wasm

Toxic Swamp is a crypto miner add-on for After Dark providing an interactive toolbar UI enabling content creators a means of monetizing their creative work.

Fetch Inject

Fetching async loader and DOM injection sequencer for the Web.

:: JavaScript / ES Module / Playwright / SvelteKit / Node.js

I conceived of a novel technique for managing asynchronous dependencies hacking away at a coffee shop called 9-11 in Bali back in 2017. Fetch Inject is a tiny JavaScript library and Node module making it possible to deep link to full-sized After Dark Image Gallery images without blocking or slowing down page load.

Jekyll Money

A Ruby Gem for dealing with money in Jekyll and Liquid templates.

:: Ruby / Bundler / Jekyll / BigDecimal / Money

While trying to calulate discount promotion costs for a Jekyll site I was working I ran into friction calculating promotions in Jekyll. It wasn’t Jekyll’s fault, per se, though it was a shortcoming in Liquid and had to be fixed.