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OATHqr helps you create security credentials for use with 2FA/MFA authenticator and other OATH-enabled apps. Use it to generate scannable QR codes for OTP apps such as Aegis and YubiKey. Or skip the QR code and paste the formatted otpauth URI it creates directly into OpenPGP-activated password managers such as the remarkable Pass standard unix password manager.

Includes native build support:

Builds support Linux, Windows and macOS.

OATHqr also can also be run as a Progressive Web App (PWA). It can be deployed within your infrastructure and is installable as a PWA on mobile devices.

Application running in Dark Mode

Display adapts to system preferences making it easy on the eyes day or night.

Demo: oathqr.vercel.app
Code: codeberg.org/vhs/oathqr
NPM package: www.npmjs.com/package/oathqr