Chicago Gang History

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After 6 months working with to create a site themselves, the author of Chicago Gang History wasn’t seeing the kind of traffic they’d hoped for despite all their hard work. In fact, before I found them, Chicago Gang History had had less than 1,000 total visitors—after six months!

Upon examining their content I found a treasure trove of niche content which simply needed a little love. Confident I could improve their online presence I made Chicago Gang History an offer they couldn’t refuse.

organit traffic chart
Organic traffic growth 90 days from launch.

After committing to work with us I registered Chicago Gang History a new domain name, migrated their content, overhauled their SEO and worked with them to redevelop and relaunch in 6 days.

Audience Growth

During their first six months with Comfusion Chicago Gang History experienced healthy audience growth even without social media. Leveraging organic traffic I grew their online presence from less than 200 users per month to over 18,000.

growth chart

Traffic from SEO

Thanks to a large amount of unique content, a well structured information architecture and structured data SEO made growing the user base an organic affair, enabling the author to work on creative writing and making small site adjustments as opposed to social binging, as shown here:

Daily organic growth by number of New Users from Dec ‘16 thru April ‘17

I measured how quickly Google noticed the site and started sending new users. Here’s how many came in, and how fast it happened:


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I first created my site on WordPress and everything looked great but no traffic was coming in, when I took over a new domain with Comfusion, not only did I end up with a better and sleeker look I ended up with unbelievable traffic and climbed to the 2nd page on Google search in just a matter of weeks!

Zach Jones, Author of Chicago Gang History