After Dark

:: Node / Vue / ES6 / Fuse / Docker / CSS3 / Bash

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After fighting with WordPress on my personal blog for 5 years starting back in 2008 I like many others switched to static. With Jekyll as my generator I found a lot to love over the years. After 3 years and an increasing amount of content I became familiar with Jekyll’s speed and scaling issues and ended up resorting to workarounds to avoid them, hurting my publishing cadence in the process.

Dissatisfied with Jekyll and after considerable product analysis I eventually discovered Hugo. Before switching I did a multi-year experiment with Hugo before deciding to jump ship for good. After Dark was the result.

Originally released under the most popular permissive open source license I was surprised to find an infringing copy of my work being distributed by the Hugo team. With 80 or so forks on GitHub at the time, and to raise awareness of open source licensing, I switched to the eye-popping WTFPL and worked to advance the adoption and public awareness of unconditional licenses.


As of July, 2019 After Dark has seen over 31K downloads via NPM, the second most popular download method next to use of Linus Torvald’s git tool.