Managing Passwords on Android

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How to secure your passwords and keep them synced between devices.

After hacking Android onto an HD2 previously running Windows Mobile I quickly became challenged with the task of recalling passwords for frequently used apps – apps like Telegram, ProtonMail, Binance, Snapchat you name it.

And although long-term password management may feel like a burdensome task to some a steadfast approach is critical for security and relatively painless for anyone who’s been using a KeePass port the last decade.

Update 2019-01-28: Over the last two years I’ve augmented my existing workflow with Bitwarden for 2FA-backed accounts, switched from Dropbox to MEGA and am experimenting with MacPass as my KeePass port for desktop.

Update 2016-08-10: I still use the same password management techniques described herein but have switched from KeePass to KeePassX on my desktop machine and began using MiniKeePass on my iOS devices.

For Android the KeePass port I’m using is KeePassDroid.

KeePassDroid makes recalling passwords as easy as copy/paste and also includes a password generator for creating strong passwords.

KeePass ports like Droid store passwords in an encrypted file which may be shared between devices using a flash drive or over the Internet using encrypted cloud storage provider from political activist Kim Dotcom.

To use KeePass with MEGA simply:

  1. Get yourself a free MEGA account
  2. Install KeePass ports on your devices
  3. Use MEGAsync to sync the files

With syncing enabled you will be able to modify your password database on one device and sync it with all your others using MEGA using end-to-end encryption and based on syncing rules you specify and control.

Promo: 50GB free cloud storage with MEGA when you sign-up for a new account. Simply email me and I’ll help you get set-up under my referral.

Not comfortable storing data in the cloud? You don’t have to. With KeyPass and its ports you can keep all your secrets on the Sneakernet if that’s your thing.

Speaking of Sneakernet KeePassX is also available on Tails OS. Tails is a privacy-focused “live OS” you can use to boot straight from USB into a Linux desktop on many systems – even on MacBooks.

And if you are a Mac user definitely check-out MacPass.