Jamupuri Kratom

:: Reaction Commerce / GraphQL / MongoDB / Next.js / Docker / Traefik

After finding the cure for my chronic bronchitis I set out to create an e-commerce website helping sell botanicals from Indonesia to the United States. My initial site design was using a headless e-commerce starter I created with a Shopify back-end but I wasn’t satisfied with the speed nor speed.

The Reaction system I use now provides a microservice architecture based around a GraphQL API using MongoDB for persistance.

The storefront, shown below, uses a customized version of the latest Example Storefront stable release and the entire system runs on less than 2GB of RAM.

The storefront uses SendGrid for transactional email and is hosted on Digital Ocean for $12/month (including backups). Deployments are done using Docker and the entire platform is relatively easy to set-up and run despite its complexity.

Usage metrics are captured using Segment my long-time CDP with an integration to Amplitude to help measure KPIs such as customer retention rate and engagement.

If you’re not familiar with Kratom, with I now use in place of coffee, please look into it as there are other benefits research is starting to show—things such as managing IBS, helping with mental focus and dealing with depression.

Kratom is a tree that grows in Southeast Asia in the coffee family.