Svelte Headless UI Starter

:: SvelteKit / Supabase / Tailwind CSS / Headless UI / OAuth2 / TypeScript

Launch your next Svelte app using Headless UI.

Application running in Dark Mode

Svelte Headless UI Starter is a template designed to make it easier and faster to build libre Svelte apps using Headless UI.

Learn more about libre software in What is Free Software?

I built this starter using the learnings I gained from building OATHQr and after getting a close look at front-end dependency hell in the i18n and shopify Gatsby starters I produced in mid 2019.

Compared to Gatsby and React in general, SvelteKit has them nailed:

The last item cannot be understated as Svelte is much more friendly where HTML and CSS standards-based development are concerned. As a result, many experienced engineers who dodged React due to its unkempt paradigm shifts will likely find Svelte/SvelteKit much more approachable, including back-enders.

Honestly I haven’t been this excited about anything in the front-end since I learned about Hugo 5 years ago. So I’m very interested to see about keeping this starter polished as time goes on. And using it as a test bed for integrating some of the most bleeding-edge front-end tech as it becomes available.