Google to Start Censoring Telegram

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Fake news or justifiable warning? You be the judge.

I saw a message today stating the “Google Play Store is now censoring certain pages on Telegram if you downloaded the app through them.” The message suggested a simple workaround to download the app directly from

Here’s the message in its entirety:

Google Play Store is now censoring certain pages on Telegram if you downloaded the app through them.

To get around this simply download the Android app directly from Telegram themselves. Less censorship and more updates.

Before you delete the Google play store Telegram app, install the new one directly from Telegram which will send you a security code to your Telegram messages. Once you have the code from the old app and you enter it into the new one, you can then delete the Google play store version.

Do NOT go to the Google Play or Apple store links from the Telegram site, download the apk Telegram app directly from the Telegram site.

Having seen videos I consider important disappearing from YouTube recently I wouldn’t put it past Google to dupe the chattel into downloading a doctored version of Telegram in order to protect people stamp out free speech and suppress the fast-rising global freedom movement organizing on Telegram.

Whether or not the message I shared above was true or false is less important to me than maintaining free speech. And so I’d like to share a few resources I’ve learned about from being on Telegram which can help you do just that:

  • Aurora Store for downloading anonymously from Google Play. Super handy for spoofing device location to access apps Google is already censoring in some countries, such as Google Voice. Combine with InviZible for Tor proxy.

  • Telegram FOSS is an open source Telegram client for Android. Get it on F-Droid using the link I provided. F-Droid is an important Play Store alternative created by and for those who understand the tenets of software freedom.

  • NewPipe an open source YouTube front-end designed to give a lightweight, ad-free experience. I use this constantly to download information for archival as I’ve seen enough videos I felt were notable suddenly go missing.

I’ll stop there because if you haven’t heard of or seen these apps yet they’re going to take you down a rabbit hole and bring you closer to your enlightened self. More importantly, combined they will help you create your own UNCENSORED worldview. One which you direct and one you should never, ever even entertain giving away. Because you’re already being CENSORED by algorithms on every major platform outside Telegram. Some of you just don't know it yet.

Florida governor Ron DeSantis’ on Big Tech censorship. BANNED video here.